12/2 Fat Little Snowmen


Dec. 2 – Snow can be beautiful, but I never wish for it. It means driving on icy roads in our subdivision and shoveling our nasty sloped driveway. Yet, when that first snowflake falls, and after I get the grousing out of my system, I have to admit that I like looking at it … unless it hangs around too long, and then it’s just depressing. It was a gray day today, the kind that makes me feel blue. The snow is lingering in patchy spots, no longer pretty. To combat the blues, I wore blue snowman socks today. Fat little snowmen with buttons and hats and scarves and carrot noses, all awaiting the big, fat snowflakes that are interspersed among them. I look at the snowmen on my blue socks and see their smiles. Maybe I can learn to anticipate snow like they do.Image

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