12/1 Kitties in Antlers (Repost from 2013)

Dec. 1 – I’m starting off the season in red socks with kitties in antlers and scarves. What could be more indicative of the playfulness of the Christmas season? Yet, at church this morning, on this first Sunday of Advent, we had communion, reminding us of the reason for another season, Easter. The candle for the first Sunday of Advent represents hope. We take communion because we remember the hope that was given to us from the cross. We celebrate Christmas because that Hope was born in a manger, with cattle and sheep and maybe even some barn cats frolicking about. Christmas is the season of hope, a season of celebration, even a season of kitties in antlers and scarves on brightly colored socks. Be playful, be prayerful in the great hope of this season. Merry Christmas!Image


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