12/4 Sir Rudolph of Reindeer

Dec. 4 – Carol Burnett did a sketch on her show about a light house keeper’s daughter who acted as the fog horn for the light house. I still remember Carol, in a deep voice, going “Fo – og,” as the pitch went down at the end, sounding like a genuine fog horn. I needed a fog horn today. I ventured out to Walgreen’s drug store in the foggy morning light. The mist was thick; the driving was slow. It made me wonder about the wise men and how slow their journey to Bethlehem must have been. No cars, only camels. Slo –ow. Yet, they plodded on to find the prize at the end of the journey, lying in the manger. I finally made it to Walgreen’s and unexpectedly found my Holy Grail of Christmas socks – Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie socks! I have the entire set of plastic figurines, complete with Bumble, so you can imagine how happy I was to find Rudolph socks. How much happier the wise men must have been to find Jesus. There’s really no comparison.


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