12/9 Santa Paws

Today was a work day today. My gaudy Santa Paws socks livened my spirits. I’m decorating the house in hopes of getting the tree up tonight. I love the way my house looks at Christmas time. My normal plain décor gets a facelift in reds, gold and greens. Like my socks, it makes me happy. My usual target date for taking down my decorations is January 7th  or after.  When I was in school many years ago, I was envious of my Orthodox friends who got to stay home from school on January 7th for Russian Christmas. It was like having two Christmases to my young mind, complete with more presents. Why couldn’t Protestants have a second Christmas too? No fair. After I got married, I got my wish, as we traveled between families at Christmas. One year, when we lived 500 miles away from family, we had three, and I loved it. Nowadays, at 650 miles away, we’re content to stay at home. One Christmas is fine. Plus, I get to enjoy my pretty decorations for a little bit longer.



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