12/23 Dots on Socks

Figuring out how to find meaning behind Christmas socks is sometimes a difficult task. Take, for example, the socks I have on today. They are perfectly fine socks with four different colors on a black background, but other than the colors, there’s nothing that relates them to the Christmas season. They’re just dots on socks. I suppose I could have compared the dots to the footprints of harried shoppers rushing here, rushing there, leaving behind nothing but their many tracks in the snow. Yeah, that analogy didn’t work for me either. Or I could say that they’re like round ornaments decorating a tree, although wouldn’t that mean that I’m calling my ankles tree trunks? Hmm, maybe not that either. Maybe the dots are actually representative of reindeer poop, but I really don’t know since I’ve never seen reindeer poop before. Santa’s pretty good about cleaning up after them. Then again, maybe they’re just dots on socks. Maybe they serve no other purpose than to remind us that Christmas doesn’t need to be about anything more than God’s son lying in a manger. Pretty simple, isn’t it?



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