Penguins In Overcoats Are Still Cold

Frosty inside and out

Frosty inside and out

It was cold today and yesterday. Bone chillingly cold. Penguins are putting on overcoats. Hell hath frozen over, under and around. Colder than a witch’s … It’s really cold. We’re at the tail end of the “polar vortex,” as it’s being called. Frankly, I think someone made up that term. Is it really something that one would find in a meteorology text book? I don’t know, but I suppose if one has an almost unprecedented weather event, there may be a need to invent some new terminology in order to deal with it. “Polar Vortex.” It’s as good as any name I could come up with. Are we down in the “Subarctic Basement?” Are we trying to avoid “Molecular Freezation?” Is this the coming of the Four Snowmen of the “Frostpocalyse?” However you want to categorize it, I just know that it was darned frigid outside yesterday at 18 below, with a wind chill in the -40s. Today was better, but when 2 degrees counts as a heat wave, you know that Mother Nature still has her icy fingers running up and down your spine. As we dig our way through this snowbank of negative numbers, I’ve had various thoughts running through my head (I keep them running in order to keep my brain warm. Being frozen on one thought for a long time is never a good idea.). Number one:  For the first time, I’m glad that we don’t have a pet any more. We had to put our sweet 17 year old dog down in November of 2012.

Daisy at 17

Daisy at 17

I still miss her, but I’m thankful that we don’t have to let her go out in this kind of weather. I’m grateful for that. Her later years were full of health issues, mainly with her legs. While she loved to play in the snow and eat snowballs when she was younger, the snow had become a trial for her in later years. This cold spell would have been too much for my furry sweetheart. Plus, opening the back door at night to let her out in this frost jamboree gives me chills. (I think the door might be frozen shut, but it will thaw come springtime.) So, for once, I’m happy without a pet, for her sake.  The second thing I was thinking about is that I need to change this blog since Christmas Sock Season is over. The title no longer fits and I want to expand the blog to other topics. I just have to learn how. I have a friend who will teach me, so one of these days, there will be some changes. For now, it will remain the same. And my third thought was … it’s cold outside!! How can a person think about anything else when it’s so cold outside?!? Bring on the warm blanket and some hot chocolate! Hold the marshmallows.


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