Mr. Gram T Pities the Foo …

After the parking ramp trauma of the previous post, while The Daughter was waiting at the Capitol building to be called for jury duty, we had the following text conversation. She started:  

<There’s a bunch of pictures of purple in here. One looks like Fisher Stevens and another looks like Dave Thomas…there’s one more that looks like a masculine form of gram t, lol>

Gram T refers to my mother, a very feminine woman in her 80s.

<You mean people or purple people eaters? Lol>

<Lol stupid autocorrect. Puerile. ….. People. Definitely people.>

<lol! So does Gram T carry off the man look okay or does she need a shave?>

<Actually clean shaven. Looks just like her except for the face angles. Pretty dang close. Even the glasses are the same>

<LOL! You should feel right at home. Mr. Gram T is watching over you.>

<That just made me smile for the first time in like 2 hours lol If phone will cooperate I’ll try to take a picture>

In my infinite wisdom as her mother, I spent the next 10 minutes pasting a picture of my mother’s face onto Mr. T. I sent her this:

Mr. Gram T

<I pity the foo…>

To which she repied: < Lmao!>

Mr. Gram T says, “I pity the fool who messes with my granddaughter!”

By the way, she was released from jury duty for another four years. Phew! The airlift off the parking garage roof wasn’t needed. And she even came home with a smile on her face. I credit the smile on Mr. Gram T’s face. 


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