Spider vs. Broom: Broom For the Win!

Dear big, black, hairy spider that appeared in the stairwell late last night, my “live and let live” policy only exists outside the reach of my broom tip. Let it be known that you were the first to breach the broom tip. You brought it on yourself. I feel entirely vindicated that you are now a James Bond movie title. I do not feel the least bit sad that your superhero aspirations as a web slinger are out the window. Spiderman’s got game. All you got was broom. I’ll bet your spidey senses weren’t tingling that time. Nor do I feel sad that your computer career is over. You’ll never be a web designer again, and I’m okay with that. In other words, big, black, hairy, last night stairwell crawler, your webinar has been cancelled. You are now a webinaren’t.

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