Monthly Archives: April 2019

Flight of the Parakeet

Well, that was a fun way to wake up from a nap. “Hey, I can’t find the bird.” Turns out Gwen went on a world tour of the main floor, but didn’t leave her itinerary with us. “Here, Gwen. Where are you, Gwen?” – silence – Andy turned on bird songs. Gidget reacted to it, but Gwen? – silence – “Gwennie. Great. Bird corpse somewhere in the house. Guess we’ll find her in a few days.” After about 15 minutes of hunting, turning on every light in the house to be able to see her, we heard a small chirp from the kitchen. Suddenly, a little white head peeked out from the spot in the picture. I don’t know if she had been stunned or scared to come out. Which ever it was, she was well concealed! She’s flew back to her cage after another tour of the living room and is now happily reunited with Gidget. This bird is rarely quiet, so it was scary for a while when she wasn’t chirping. She’s chattering up a storm now. My guess is she’s regaling Gidget with tales of her bravery and daring-do. I wish I got over trauma that fast! Gidget doesn’t really give a chirp. The cage door will stay closed for the rest of today. I wonder where this bird is plotting to go next! She’s an adventurer, this one! The picture is looking down on the window ledge in the kitchen.