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12/18 Hodge-Podge Socks

The camera that I take my lovely sock photos with is dying a slow death. It’s close to fifteen years old, so I suppose it was to be expected. Old cameras never die; they just don’t get the big picture. And the big picture is that I need a new camera. Now, Hubs is a camera buff. He knows what all the numbers and abbreviations mean, but shutter speed makes me shudder. Optical and digital zoom, aperture, macro, f-stop … why does a camera need GPS and Wifi? So it can text me its location? “ISO” confused. So many features to think about. Like cameras, Christmas can have features that are confusing and take thought. Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas? Present or gift card? Santa or Jesus or both? My socks are a hodge-podge of Christmas favorites, with ornaments, trees, candy canes, gingerbread men, and penguins, as if the sock maker couldn’t decide. Somehow, it all works together. Hubs will guide me through the decision making process to get the right camera for me. The one thing I’ve never been confused about is the baby in the manger. He’s picture perfect.


12/11Candy Canes Pwned

I’ve never been fond of my first name “Barbara.” For one thing, it gets misspelled. Thank you, Barbra Streisand, for being miserly with your A’s. For another, nicknames.  “Barb-wire.” “Barbie Doll.” Even the hated “Babs.” I cringe at them all. Lastly, I’ve known since I was a kid that the name “Barbara” means “stranger in a foreign land,” an outsider, one who doesn’t belong. It’s a meaning of alienation. At least that’s the way I’ve always looked at it.  Recently, I ran across a deeper meaning for “Barbara.” John Dehnart on his name meaning website (reference available)says “…but when you think about the Biblical concepts about being a stranger in a foreign land, we often find that God’s purpose for that person was to bring His messages of truth and salvation. We also find that a person chosen to be a missionary has the qualities of courage and determination.” I’ve never thought of my name in that manner before. I’ll never be a missionary in a foreign land, but I’m owning my name just a little bit more these days. I wore candy cane socks today. I own them too.