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12/23 Dots on Socks

Figuring out how to find meaning behind Christmas socks is sometimes a difficult task. Take, for example, the socks I have on today. They are perfectly fine socks with four different colors on a black background, but other than the colors, there’s nothing that relates them to the Christmas season. They’re just dots on socks. I suppose I could have compared the dots to the footprints of harried shoppers rushing here, rushing there, leaving behind nothing but their many tracks in the snow. Yeah, that analogy didn’t work for me either. Or I could say that they’re like round ornaments decorating a tree, although wouldn’t that mean that I’m calling my ankles tree trunks? Hmm, maybe not that either. Maybe the dots are actually representative of reindeer poop, but I really don’t know since I’ve never seen reindeer poop before. Santa’s pretty good about cleaning up after them. Then again, maybe they’re just dots on socks. Maybe they serve no other purpose than to remind us that Christmas doesn’t need to be about anything more than God’s son lying in a manger. Pretty simple, isn’t it?



12/22 Gold Snowflakes

Dec 22 – After driving through unplowed streets to church this morning, I wasn’t feeling very loving. I knocked off the snow that clung to my striped socks with gold snowflakes and took my seat. When the Advent candle was lit in the service, this carol ran through my mind: “Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas, Stars and angels gave the sign.” This popular Christmas song was originally a poem written by English poet Christina Rosetti in 1885. She used the word “love” eleven times in three verses. How perfect for the fourth Sunday of Advent! Today, we lit the love candle, completing the circle of the four. The only one left is the Christ candle, appropriately situated in the center of hope, peace, joy, and love. As Rosetti reminds us in her poem, love arrived in the form of the baby Jesus. The magi followed a sign, but we no longer have to look for one because our sign is Jesus, and Jesus is Love Alive. This is the truth about Christmas. Like the Advent wreath, Christ stands at the center, waiting for us to receive His love on Christmas Eve.


12/21 Drunken Rudolph

Presenting drunken Rudolphs, the socks that started my Christmas sock obsession. Unfortunately, Rudolph is going to that sock drawer in the sky because one of the drunken Rudolphs is missing his big red nose, thanks to a pull. I wore them to do last minute stuff at home. I added more ornaments to the tree, picked up around the house, strung my dad in the window. It wasn’t really my dad. It was a lighted Hallmark memorial ornament, only it didn’t want to light this year. After replacing a dead bulb with the only one that fit in the socket, my father now blinks at me from the kitchen window. It tickles me to see his smiling face blinking on and off, keeping me company. Family. Have you ever thought about whether Mary and Joseph had anyone with them during the start of their family? A midwife, maybe? One of Joseph’s relatives? That part of the story is missing. Where was their family? We’ll be missing our extended family this year. We live too far away, but they are in our hearts. Like my dad. He’s in my heart now and forever, although he’s never blinked at me before.


12/20 Cheery Gingerbread Men

It’s not Christmas here without my homemade sugar cookies, so I put on the gingerbread men socks that I designated for baking day, enjoying the boost of good cheer that they gave me. Sadly, that cheer didn’t last long. Everything that could go wrong did. First, I used the wrong bowl for the dry ingredients and had to find a larger one. I finally located it on a high shelf, pulled it down and dropped it, breaking the large, brown, antique, salt-glazed milk bowl from my husband’s grandmother’s farm that had been nestled inside. A good cry was in order and achieved with expediency. Next, because I was still distraught, I read the recipe wrong which changed the texture of the dough. Rolling the cookies was a sticky mess, even with added flour. Finally, after baking, some of the sugar cookies broke when I took them off the pan. I’m still in mourning over the loss of my bowl, but the cookies are tasty. I might make another batch. It never hurts to have more cookies, and the next batch might turn out the way they should. So, despite today’s hardships, we have sugar cookies. Christmas is finally here.


12/19 Pushing Snoopy

Dec 19 – I had my Snoopy socks on today, the ones that lost out to Betty Boop some days ago. In the past, I’ve wondered about Snoopy on that doghouse. How does he stay up there? Has he ever slid off the roof? I was wondering about it because my car slipped and slid on my way home from a meeting tonight. Coming to a stop at the bottom of hills was a challenge, to say the least. We’re in a period of freezing drizzle right now, which started during my meeting. It was just a thin sheath, but it was enough to make driving tricky business. While I don’t recommend driving in icy conditions, tomorrow morning, we’ll awaken to a shiny, crystal wonderland. Crystal is on my list of “favorite things to look at.” The subtle colors and sleek sheen play like a rainbow of dance over the surface of whatever it touches. Beautiful to look at, but not to drive in. I still have a little shopping to finish, but going out in weather like this would be like pushing Snoopy off the doghouse. Tomorrow might be a good day to stay at home and bake cookies.


12/18 Hodge-Podge Socks

The camera that I take my lovely sock photos with is dying a slow death. It’s close to fifteen years old, so I suppose it was to be expected. Old cameras never die; they just don’t get the big picture. And the big picture is that I need a new camera. Now, Hubs is a camera buff. He knows what all the numbers and abbreviations mean, but shutter speed makes me shudder. Optical and digital zoom, aperture, macro, f-stop … why does a camera need GPS and Wifi? So it can text me its location? “ISO” confused. So many features to think about. Like cameras, Christmas can have features that are confusing and take thought. Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas? Present or gift card? Santa or Jesus or both? My socks are a hodge-podge of Christmas favorites, with ornaments, trees, candy canes, gingerbread men, and penguins, as if the sock maker couldn’t decide. Somehow, it all works together. Hubs will guide me through the decision making process to get the right camera for me. The one thing I’ve never been confused about is the baby in the manger. He’s picture perfect.


12/17 Sparkly Thread and Snowflakey Things

My socks are a colorful pair today. They have green dots of sparkly thread and big snowflaky things on them that made me think about sled riding today. I live in a semi-flat state, but I grew up in sled riding country. When we first moved here, I asked about the large mound of earth that seemed to hump up in the middle of a park. I was told it was a sled riding hill. It would have been rude to laugh. Growing up, I lived at the top of the street. The street would be closed off and a multitude of neighborhood kids would trudge to the top and take off on our Flexible Flyers down the unplowed street, laughing, smiling, with wind-red cheeks and runny noses. Once at the bottom, we’d trudge to the top again and like shampoo, we’d lather, rinse, repeat until we were called in for hot chocolate. That was sled riding. We made memories. Even though I laugh at the sled riding bump where we live now, those families and kiddies are making memories that will stay with them, much like the way I remember the hills of home.

(If these look familiar, they’re the same pair that are in my icon, but this is the first time I have worn them this year. However, this is not the first time I’ve taken a picture of them. What can I say? I have odd hobbies.)