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12/20 Cheery Gingerbread Men

It’s not Christmas here without my homemade sugar cookies, so I put on the gingerbread men socks that I designated for baking day, enjoying the boost of good cheer that they gave me. Sadly, that cheer didn’t last long. Everything that could go wrong did. First, I used the wrong bowl for the dry ingredients and had to find a larger one. I finally located it on a high shelf, pulled it down and dropped it, breaking the large, brown, antique, salt-glazed milk bowl from my husband’s grandmother’s farm that had been nestled inside. A good cry was in order and achieved with expediency. Next, because I was still distraught, I read the recipe wrong which changed the texture of the dough. Rolling the cookies was a sticky mess, even with added flour. Finally, after baking, some of the sugar cookies broke when I took them off the pan. I’m still in mourning over the loss of my bowl, but the cookies are tasty. I might make another batch. It never hurts to have more cookies, and the next batch might turn out the way they should. So, despite today’s hardships, we have sugar cookies. Christmas is finally here.


12/18 Hodge-Podge Socks

The camera that I take my lovely sock photos with is dying a slow death. It’s close to fifteen years old, so I suppose it was to be expected. Old cameras never die; they just don’t get the big picture. And the big picture is that I need a new camera. Now, Hubs is a camera buff. He knows what all the numbers and abbreviations mean, but shutter speed makes me shudder. Optical and digital zoom, aperture, macro, f-stop … why does a camera need GPS and Wifi? So it can text me its location? “ISO” confused. So many features to think about. Like cameras, Christmas can have features that are confusing and take thought. Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas? Present or gift card? Santa or Jesus or both? My socks are a hodge-podge of Christmas favorites, with ornaments, trees, candy canes, gingerbread men, and penguins, as if the sock maker couldn’t decide. Somehow, it all works together. Hubs will guide me through the decision making process to get the right camera for me. The one thing I’ve never been confused about is the baby in the manger. He’s picture perfect.


12/14 Ginger Snowmen

Don’t you just love going to a Christmas concert and coming home with a present? Wait. That didn’t happen to you? It happened to me. A dear friend who knows about my Christmas sock obsession gave me a gift of adorable snowman knee highs at the concert. I didn’t expect it, which is why I’m writing about them, even though I’m wearing gingerbread man socks. I was going to write about love at Christmas since my current socks have red hearts on them, but I changed my mind when I received my gift. It was unexpected, and it caused me to change direction. Surprises will do that. At the concert, we heard just about every Christmas song, secular and religious, that there is to hear. It was wonderful, yet, the song that’s echoing through my head is “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus,” thanks to my surprise gift.  The irony is that Jesus was surprising in many ways, but never a surprise. The prophets told us long ago that our Special Gift was coming. He came and changed the direction of the world. As expected. I guess this is about love after all.