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12/24 Teddy Bear Hugs

I was fourth in line in the fifteen or less lane in the grocery store on Christmas Eve day, but for some reason, each transaction was slower than the last. A friend of the lady in front of me cut line with her groceries, saying to me, “I’m with her.” Fine, I thought, no biggie. Charity begins in the grocery store. After a few minutes, Ms. I’m-With-Her motioned to a large man with booze to join them, with nary a glance at me. I was a bit, shall we say, miffed? It had been a long day, my back ached and still the line wasn’t moving. My savior was a clerk who motioned me over to the empty self-check lanes. “Ma’am, I can ring you through over here.” This sympathetic woman gave me a figurative cup of cold water. She rang up my purchases, wishing me a “Merry Christmas.” I said, “You were my Christmas present today.” We lifted each other’s spirits. On the way home, I realized that her kindness, even though she was only doing her job, felt like the comfort one gets from hugging a teddy bear. I guess I wore the right socks today.


12/6 Lazy Little Snowflakes

Dec 6 – Hurry, hurry, hurry. Hurry up and slow down. Our town’s Food Pantry concert was tonight. Seven church choirs sing, bells ring, the community chorus carols, filling the church with heavenly music and delighting the audience with two hours of Christmas music that even Scrooge would enjoy. My husband sings in four of the groups, so naturally, I went. The thing is, though, that for a 7:00 concert, you have to get there at 6:00. The place is always packed to the rafters. Literally. The hosting church has a balcony.  So it’s hurry, hurry, hurry to get there, then wait, wait, wait. But the concert makes the wait worthwhile. And the wait itself is a small respite in the hurry hurry of the Christmas season. I wore socks with snowflakes on them tonight. They look a little like stars, but I think they’re snowflakes. Snowflakes don’t rush; they float lazily to the ground. They’re not caught up in the Christmas rush. When I get too hurried this month, I hope I remember to take the time to wait a little.