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12/21 Drunken Rudolph

Presenting drunken Rudolphs, the socks that started my Christmas sock obsession. Unfortunately, Rudolph is going to that sock drawer in the sky because one of the drunken Rudolphs is missing his big red nose, thanks to a pull. I wore them to do last minute stuff at home. I added more ornaments to the tree, picked up around the house, strung my dad in the window. It wasn’t really my dad. It was a lighted Hallmark memorial ornament, only it didn’t want to light this year. After replacing a dead bulb with the only one that fit in the socket, my father now blinks at me from the kitchen window. It tickles me to see his smiling face blinking on and off, keeping me company. Family. Have you ever thought about whether Mary and Joseph had anyone with them during the start of their family? A midwife, maybe? One of Joseph’s relatives? That part of the story is missing. Where was their family? We’ll be missing our extended family this year. We live too far away, but they are in our hearts. Like my dad. He’s in my heart now and forever, although he’s never blinked at me before.


12/12 Grayndeer

Dec 12 – Christmas is an assault. The hustle and bustle attacks us with gusto. We experience Christmas with all five of our senses on full alert. We hear the Salvation Army ringers and the caroling of familiar songs. We see the glitz and the glitter in the decorations. We feel it in the cold weather as we pull on our reindeer Christmas socks to go shopping (and boy, it’s cold right now). We smell the fresh evergreens and the ginger cookies. And we taste the candy canes, the warmed wassail and hot chocolate. We can wish that the Christmas season was calm and peaceful, but without the madness of it, we wouldn’t appreciate the peace that comes with the advent of Christmas Eve. There was no peace for Mary in the stable that night so long ago. The sounds and smells of animals, the feel of the hay and maybe Joseph’s calloused hands, the pain of childbirth, the sight of a king in the form of a new-born baby, the first taste of love for the little one that she held in her arms. No, Mary’s Christmas was an attack too. An attack of peace on earth.