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12/30 Cute Snowman

Dec 30 – I blew it yesterday and didn’t get anything posted, but since these socks are so cute, I slipped them back on for a minute and took a picture of them. Sometimes, life gets ahead of a person. That’s what happened yesterday. So my December 30th post is being posted on December 31st, along with today’s post. Expectations are funny, aren’t they? If you were expecting a post from me yesterday, you might have been disappointed, but today you get two posts. Having to wait can have its own rewards. That’s all I wanted to say about my socks from yesterday. It would have been a shame to not show off the cute little snowman who was just hanging around on my socks. All right, Mr. DeMille, he’s ready for his close-up.


12/14 Ginger Snowmen

Don’t you just love going to a Christmas concert and coming home with a present? Wait. That didn’t happen to you? It happened to me. A dear friend who knows about my Christmas sock obsession gave me a gift of adorable snowman knee highs at the concert. I didn’t expect it, which is why I’m writing about them, even though I’m wearing gingerbread man socks. I was going to write about love at Christmas since my current socks have red hearts on them, but I changed my mind when I received my gift. It was unexpected, and it caused me to change direction. Surprises will do that. At the concert, we heard just about every Christmas song, secular and religious, that there is to hear. It was wonderful, yet, the song that’s echoing through my head is “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus,” thanks to my surprise gift.  The irony is that Jesus was surprising in many ways, but never a surprise. The prophets told us long ago that our Special Gift was coming. He came and changed the direction of the world. As expected. I guess this is about love after all.


12/10 Lively Snowmen

Dec 10 – I’ve made a small game out of choosing Christmas socks. I’ll put my arm into the big decorative tin can where I keep them, sort around and pull out my pair of the day. I never know what to expect. Today, it was lively snowmen. At one time, this big tin was filled with three types of popcorn, instead of socks. I have a love/hate relationship with popcorn. It gives me migraines, but I eat it anyway. What’s that saying about insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? I expect the migraine after I eat popcorn, but at Christmas, the headaches come beforehand. We’re let down because a snow storm ruined the live Nativity scene at the church and caused Uncle Fred’s plane to be delayed. And worst of all, the grocery store was out of roasts for Christmas dinner! But didn’t the sight of Grandpa cutting into that turducken make for a good memory? We can dial back our expectations. By going with the flow, we can better appreciate the next pair of socks that comes out of the bucket.


12/6 Lazy Little Snowflakes

Dec 6 – Hurry, hurry, hurry. Hurry up and slow down. Our town’s Food Pantry concert was tonight. Seven church choirs sing, bells ring, the community chorus carols, filling the church with heavenly music and delighting the audience with two hours of Christmas music that even Scrooge would enjoy. My husband sings in four of the groups, so naturally, I went. The thing is, though, that for a 7:00 concert, you have to get there at 6:00. The place is always packed to the rafters. Literally. The hosting church has a balcony.  So it’s hurry, hurry, hurry to get there, then wait, wait, wait. But the concert makes the wait worthwhile. And the wait itself is a small respite in the hurry hurry of the Christmas season. I wore socks with snowflakes on them tonight. They look a little like stars, but I think they’re snowflakes. Snowflakes don’t rush; they float lazily to the ground. They’re not caught up in the Christmas rush. When I get too hurried this month, I hope I remember to take the time to wait a little.


12/2 Fat Little Snowmen


Dec. 2 – Snow can be beautiful, but I never wish for it. It means driving on icy roads in our subdivision and shoveling our nasty sloped driveway. Yet, when that first snowflake falls, and after I get the grousing out of my system, I have to admit that I like looking at it … unless it hangs around too long, and then it’s just depressing. It was a gray day today, the kind that makes me feel blue. The snow is lingering in patchy spots, no longer pretty. To combat the blues, I wore blue snowman socks today. Fat little snowmen with buttons and hats and scarves and carrot noses, all awaiting the big, fat snowflakes that are interspersed among them. I look at the snowmen on my blue socks and see their smiles. Maybe I can learn to anticipate snow like they do.Image