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Socks and Breakables

20181125_004738Candy Cane socks! They made quite a statement at the vendor event I went to yesterday, an event that was decidedly underwhelming, attendance wise, to say the least. With vendor events, you take your chances. You set up a table with your small business items (in my case, adornable.u jewelry) and then you wait. Sometimes, the waiting pays off and you make a sale or get a new contact. At this particular event, there were plenty of vendors. From that perspective, it should have been a wonderland for any Christmas shopper. However, it had not been advertised well. Since sales depend on people seeing our products, and people didn’t know we were there, sales were flat for everyone.

The organizer, a genial round woman in her best winter tank top, sold the kind of jewelry that costs less than minimum wage and can fill up a jewelry box for only a couple of sawbucks. (That’s $20 to you youn’uns.) She was, of course, as organizers generally do, set up in the prime spot, while the rest of us were down the hall in two separate banquet halls. Not the ideal set-up, to say the least. By 1:30, an hour and half before the event was supposed to end, at least a third of the vendors had packed up and left. The foot traffic was as minimal as the organizer’s prices.

Now, Miss Organizer did her best to try to placate the rest of us. She was a nice person, but this was definitely not a good event, and she knew it. A-schmoozing she did go from table to table, laughing and talking. I watched with bored interest as she neared my table. It took awhile for her to make her jovial rounds.

20181124_093737Finally, she made it over to me. By this time, I had a made a small sale and was no longer feeling like I had wasted my day entirely. I smiled as she glanced at some of my pieces. I told her about adornable.u and my Black Friday sale. She kind of sniffed and proceeded to tell me that her every day prices were “lower-than-my-Black-Friday-prices,” and that was why she liked her line better. Although, as a caveat, she added that mine was nice too.

She explained that at her prices, ladies can afford to buy more and exchange pieces easily and quickly because they were cheap. (Her words, not mine.) She proceeded to tell me a story. Allow me to paraphrase:

“One of my leaders was mugged. They grabbed her purse. She was fighting them off when one of them grabbed her necklace in an attempt to choke her. You know, some necklaces wouldn’t have broken at that point, and she would have ended up dead because he would have choked her with her necklace. Fortunately, she was wearing one from my line of jewelry. When he grabbed it to choke her, it broke right away! He fell backwards, and she was able to escape! All because her necklace broke. Isn’t that great? And you know what? Who cares?? It was only (insert low price here) dollars anyway! No great loss, and it saved her life!”

She ended her story by reiterating that her leader’s life was saved because her jewelry broke. And hey, it was no big loss because it didn’t cost much to begin with. Then she breezed away, moving on to the next table and never looking back.

Maybe it’s just me. Times, they are a-changin’ and a gal has to keep up. But, I have never in my life heard of using “my product is cheap and breakable” as a selling point. Oddly, I’m not sure what I learned here. Was it ‘be careful about the message your stories tell?’ Or perhaps, ‘ignorance is bliss?’ Or even a lesson in how to turn a negative like breakage into a positive benefit like a life saved. I’m still chuckling about it today which is why I wore socks with cozy mittens that say, “Ho Ho.” After yesterday, I needed a good laugh. Merry Christmas!20181125_201510

The Socks Lie!

Sugar Daddy, the caramel lollipop in the colorful wrapper

Sugar Daddy, the caramel lollipop in the colorful wrapperDSC00584

WHERE’S MY SUGAR DADDY? No. Scratch that! WHERE’S MY SHOVEL DADDY? I just finished shoveling an inch or two of snow off our steep driveway for the second time in two days. Should I be complaining? Probably not. I live in the upper Midwest. You’d think I’d be used to this stuff. While I feel great sympathy for those in the southeast and the east coast, this is what we deal with all winter long. I’m tired of it. I want a Shovel Daddy, someone who will come to my rescue after it snows with a two stage snow blower, every time I need to go out and my hubs is at work. Where are all the teenagers eager to earn a buck or two for an hour’s work? I can pay more than McDonald’s and I promise I won’t ask for fries with that. I don’t mind the actual shoveling. It’s the seemingly mandatory backache that comes with it that makes me want to get into a snowball fight with a Yeti. I’d vent my anger and pain and put that sucker down faster than Frosty would melt in a microwave. Yeah, I’m over it. Winter can go on its merry way now. I’d at least like to be able to find a few of my outdoor Christmas ornaments that got buried under the white stuff at the start of the new year. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I’m not feeling it. “Sweet Like Candy?” My socks lie! (I’ll feel better in the morning.)



Betty Boop is winking and throwing hugs and kisses from my socks. When I wore my Betty Boop Christmas socks, I wrote about how Betty Boop and Christmas just don’t seem to go together. However, it’s Valentine’s Day, and Betty is such a flirt. Who can imagine Heart Day without the iconic Miss Betty? She and Heart Day just go together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Soup and sandwich. Cookies and Girl Scouts. Hugs and kisses. X’s and O’s. Some things are meant for each other. Unlike Betty and Christmas, Betty and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match. This holiday brings up a lot of emotions in people. To some, it’s fulfilling, a chance to express to the one they love just how special they are. To others, it’s a reminder of what they don’t have. Cards, roses, stuffed animals, and chocolates in the stores and on TV are all constant visual assaults. And there’s another group of people, too, who are affected by this particular holiday. These are the people with their hearts on their sleeves, those brave souls who choose to declare themselves up to a new love and risk rejection or gain elation. Whether you have a love, are looking for love or have given up on love, I say adopt Betty Boop’s attitude. Flirt a little. Throw a kiss or two. Take a chance. Go a little big. Even if love doesn’t find you this year, hug someone else. You never know who might need a hug more than you do. Wine and cheese. Love and passion. Candy hearts and “Be Mine.” Betty Boop-Oop-a-Doop and pink lips on my left sock. Pink lips and Betty Boop-Oop-a-Doop on my right sock. Some things just go together. XOXOX

Mama Needs Chocolate


I’m feeling down this morning. There’s no reason for it. I’m just having a blue day. I can blame it on Shirley Temple’s death, I suppose. I loooved Shirley Temple almost as much as I loooooved Annette Funicello. It’s sad to know that they’re both gone.

Or I can blame it on the economy or the long winter and the deep snow that never seems to end.

I can blame it on medical issues and having to wait for results, even though I am certain that nothing was found. It’s the stress, you know. What if between now and when the test was done last week, they discovered a new something or other that due to its rarity, they will name after me. That’s worth being blue about because now millions of women will get this odd disease as they age, and that is what I will be remembered for. “She has Benjan Disease, also known as Hip Widening Disease. There’s no known cure, but when she sits around the house, she really sits. Around. The house.” Even an old joke can’t cheer me up right now.

I can’t “Blame It on the Bossa Nova” which I think we played in junior high band.  I can’t “Blame It on the Bellboy” which is a Dudley Moore movie from 1992 that I’m probably glad I didn’t see. I can’t even “Blame It on the Boogie” because a smooth Michael Jackson and his brothers told me not to. It’s amazing what you can find on Google with a few key words.

I’m just blue this morning. It happens. Sometimes, I just have to limit my exposure to sadness or it drags me down and wears me out. But today, since I can’t find a cause, I’m allowing myself to wallow until noon.

My “soul doctor” prescribed recharging my battery with dark chocolate. So, when noon arrives, that’s it! I’m popping the dark chocolate, and the blues are done. They’re over with. I will put on the cheeriest Valentine socks that I own and go out into the world with a bright face and a heart full of ups and not downs to buy more dark chocolate.

To me, Valentine’s Day socks are as magical as Christmas socks. How can I not feel better, knowing that my snow boots are overflowing with hearts and cupids? Come on, noon. Mama needs dark chocolate.

And maybe another pair of socks.

Thick Or Thin


Sometimes, you just have to take one look at a pair of Valentine’s Day socks and say, “What the heck is up with these socks?” and put them on anyway. Love is one of those things that we often wonder about too. It’s crazy. It’s complicated. When it’s right, it’s sane and simple. My husband and I dated for six months, got married and moved 1000 miles away from family. Crazy, right? Yet, here we are, 35 years later, still together and still crazy in love.

How did we do it? It’s simple: I don’t know. Any sane man would have dumped me years ago. I’ve put him through enough that he could have walked out on me at any time. I’ve often wondered why he didn’t in our earlier days. But for my complicated man, it was simple. He loves me.

Through thick and thin, he has always been there with his silent support. He doesn’t coddle me with words. I’ve had to train him to say “I love you” freely, but he’s more likely to show me his love through his actions. The unexpected touch, the dozen yellow roses that he gives me each year on our anniversary, the unloaded dishwasher. It makes sense.

These crazy socks, however, seem to make no sense at all, but behind the black and silver hearts, behind the big black heart with the arrow through it, behind the checkerboard that has no reason to be there – behind the display – lies the red foundation that pulls the design together.

Deep love doesn’t scream hearts and arrows. It’s a quieter feeling that says, because of the solid foundation that supports it, love can be freely given and freely taken. No matter what socks and love look like from the outside, both are there, through thick or thin, to make us feel warm and protected when we need it the most. Valentine socks can be crazy. Love doesn’t need to be.


This post, while not funny, was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine? http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/68832/

Valentine Sock Season!


It’s Valentine’s week. Some people love it; some don’t, but I think we can all agree that it’s the best time of the year to wear Valentine’s socks. After all, doesn’t everyone? I was amazed at Christmas (was I really?) to discover that not everyone wears special holiday designation socks, but I can assure you that even though I own 58 pairs of Christmas socks, I am by no means a sock nut. Consider, please, that I have only a modest amount of non-Christmas socks. Six pairs for Valentine’s Day, two each for St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, and one pair for New Year’s Eve. Someone obsessed with holiday socks would not be thinking about weeding out the stockpile, now would they? Some of my Christmas socks have seen better days. Some, due to poor construction, are too tight (It has nothing to do with my cankles, honest.) And let’s face it. If I don’t weed out some of the oldies but goodies, I won’t have room for more, now will I? So after a month and a half of boring socks, I’ve eased into the Valentine Sock Season, which is much shorter than the Christmas Sock Season, with a pair of black socks with an argyle diamond stripe and pink hearts. Plain on the bottom, colorful on top and hidden under my pant leg. As I’ve learned in 35 years with my husband, love is like that, especially the longer it goes on. We get used to our partner. Being together in our everyday routine becomes boring, expected, but under the surface, where no one else is looking, the colors of the heart are always there. Happy Valentine’s Sock Season.

12/31 Happy New Year!

Dec 31 – New year. New me. Time to make those New Year resolutions. Hmm.  “I resolve to lose weight.” Last year’s weight loss resolution was so successful that I gained more weight just so I could try again. Check. What else? Let’s try a more general resolution like “I resolve to be a better person.” Last year, I tried to be a better unicorn. Goal achieved, so this year, I’m up for a challenge. Better person it is. Check. “I resolve to resolve all my problems with Resolve.” Clean sweep for the New Year. Check. “I resolve to buy more Christmas socks before the end of 2014.” That one should be easy to keep, and I’ve given myself all year to achieve it. Check. I resolve to bring about “Peace on Earth” or at least wear socks about it. Check. I learned long ago that I can’t keep resolutions. Maybe some people can, but to me, a resolution is like setting myself up to fail. I don’t think that’s a good way to start a new year. I prefer to go into the New Year clueless. It’s messier and more organic than a list of resolutions, but I’ve found that I can’t force change. If I do, it won’t stick. So I like my change to come organically, welling up from the inside until it comes to the point where there’s nothing else I can do but make a change. There’s probably an easier way, but I’ve never done anything the easy way. That’s just not me. I’ve made some changes in 2013. They are changes that excite me, rather than ones that drag me down with worry about whether or not I’ll be able to keep them. When I slip up on my organic goals, I’m much more forgiving of myself. I think that’s because I’m ready for the changes I’m making, but I’m also happy with where I am in my life. I’m content. So this year, I’m just going to ride out the winter, continuing to make the changes that I can make, and awaiting the changes that the Good Lord has in store for me this year. Some will be good, some won’t, but I’m just going to keep on keeping on. The one change I’d really like to see for 2014 is “Peace on Earth” in places other than my socks. Happy New Year!


12/30 Cute Snowman

Dec 30 – I blew it yesterday and didn’t get anything posted, but since these socks are so cute, I slipped them back on for a minute and took a picture of them. Sometimes, life gets ahead of a person. That’s what happened yesterday. So my December 30th post is being posted on December 31st, along with today’s post. Expectations are funny, aren’t they? If you were expecting a post from me yesterday, you might have been disappointed, but today you get two posts. Having to wait can have its own rewards. That’s all I wanted to say about my socks from yesterday. It would have been a shame to not show off the cute little snowman who was just hanging around on my socks. All right, Mr. DeMille, he’s ready for his close-up.


12/29 Leopard Ho Ho Hose

This post will be short and sweet tonight, but that’s not a description of today’s socks. These ones are long and crazy – knee highs with leopard spots and ho ho ho’s. Woo hoo! Party animal socks! In a couple of days, we’ll be ushering in the New Year with celebrations, so I have to get my party on a little early because as soon as I watch the ball drop at 12:00 on New Year’s Eve, at 12:01, I’ll be heading to Snooze City. These socks are as party animal as I get. The start of the New Year signals some changes. Because it will no longer be Christmas Sock Season, you won’t have to see photos of my feet any more. (Thank you for enduring, gentle reader.) Therefore, December 31st will be my last sock post, but I plan to continue posting about other things to my Word Press blog as soon as I can expand my site. Care to join me? My posts might not be party animal lively, but they won’t be Snooze City either. Let’s have some fun.


12/28 Evergreen Promise

This is a boring week. Even my socks are boring. Sure, they’re colorful, but the tree pattern is repetitious. It redundantly repeats over and over again without ceasing, unchanging. Yawn. Christmas is over. The excitement of The Day is gone. The presents have been unwrapped, the feast has been eaten. Only leftovers remain, if you’re lucky.  A day or two of rest in the refrigerator, and they’re better than the original meal. Christmas is winding down, as we begin to contemplate the coming New Year celebration. Come this time in another eleven months, we’ll be rushing around trying to secure a piece of holiday spirit for ourselves once again. It’s a roller coaster ride throughout the rest of the year. One thing remains constant, however, and that is that we are living in the time of the evergreen promise, that of salvation. Like evergreens that consistently retain their leaves in all four seasons, Christians can count on the assurances given by the baby in the manger and fulfilled on the cross. God will love us, without changing, throughout all the seasons of our lives. That’s the evergreen promise, and it’s always exciting.