About B E Nelson

Wife, mother, writer, teacher, crazy person, CBD advocate and educator. Christian. That’s me. My unrealized potential makes me dangerous.

By coming to this site, you are entering into my world. I’m still trying to figure out WordPress, but I make no excuses for what I write. I write to entertain, to relieve stress, to make a point, to unburden, to save a soul. I write from a Christian point of view, but not all of my posts will be about Christianity because I’m a human living in a human world, facing stresses and anxiety just like everyone else. I will share my journey with you, exploring different areas and interests in my life. If you find me boring, I don’t mind. I like me enough for the both of us. And I probably am boring.

I believe in the Life that was sacrificed on the cross for me, the Living God who has power over all things, the Holy Spirit who touches my life in today’s hectic and dangerous world. My triune God gives me strength and helps me face life in a faceless world. I believe in finding small reminders of God’s massive grace.

I believe in respect, good manners, and kindliness to all. I believe in listening.

I believe in humor. I also believe that I can’t spell the word “believe” since I’ve put the e before the i every time I’ve typed it. I believe in Spell Check, but not as much as I believe in God.

Thanks for joining me on the journey. Enjoy the ride, the occasional run, but mostly, the leisurely stroll. Life is good. Live it at your own pace.

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