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12/16 Ho Ho Penguins

Dec 16 – Ho ho ho. Not feeling very jolly today. My plans to go Christmas shopping have fallen through, thanks to the snow. I put on penguin socks, thinking that they were ideal for a jaunt in this weather. Unfortunately, it’s not to be. They’ll have to be happy with going out when it’s time to shovel our driveway. Sometimes, I think it would be nice to be a penguin. They don’t mind the cold and are well-insulated against it. And while I’ve got more insulation than I want, the cold weather just leaves me cold. Throughout my elementary and secondary school days, I walked to school.  Back then, miniskirts ruled, even in the dead of winter. Fortunately, along with the mini came the maxi. One of the best presents I ever received was a navy blue maxi coat. It got tangled up in my legs when I walked, but gosh darn, it kept my thighs warm. So, I’ve had enough of the cold. The penguin socks are going to have to be happy keeping my feet warm indoors today. As for shopping, I’m good, as long as I have a credit card and the internet. Ho ho ho.