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12/18 Hodge-Podge Socks

The camera that I take my lovely sock photos with is dying a slow death. It’s close to fifteen years old, so I suppose it was to be expected. Old cameras never die; they just don’t get the big picture. And the big picture is that I need a new camera. Now, Hubs is a camera buff. He knows what all the numbers and abbreviations mean, but shutter speed makes me shudder. Optical and digital zoom, aperture, macro, f-stop … why does a camera need GPS and Wifi? So it can text me its location? “ISO” confused. So many features to think about. Like cameras, Christmas can have features that are confusing and take thought. Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas? Present or gift card? Santa or Jesus or both? My socks are a hodge-podge of Christmas favorites, with ornaments, trees, candy canes, gingerbread men, and penguins, as if the sock maker couldn’t decide. Somehow, it all works together. Hubs will guide me through the decision making process to get the right camera for me. The one thing I’ve never been confused about is the baby in the manger. He’s picture perfect.


12/7 Santa Suits

Dec 7 – Aren’t these socks just adorable? (I sound so girly, right now.) Buttons, buckles and stripes, all in five vivid colors. I can’t even remember where I bought these socks, but I wasn’t that impressed with them until I put them on. But look at my cankles now! I’m wearing upside down Santa suits on my feet! Sometimes, we’re just not impressed by things until we try them on for size. I went to a home jewelry party awhile back at a friend’s house. I wasn’t all that impressed with the jewelry. It wasn’t my style … until I tried some pieces on. If you want to know if I liked them, just ask my wallet. A baby born in a manger certainly wasn’t an impressive king, especially to the Jews of that time who were looking for someone more regal and imposing than a mere baby. They were disappointed.  We’re often fooled by appearances, but that tiny baby turned out to be pretty impressive, didn’t He? He didn’t disappoint, and neither do my socks. I have upside down Santa suits on my feet!